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I Am Duly Impressed

As I said in my last entry, I got some pretty nice performance from php 7 and HHVM both on the image generation script. Respectable 0.7 - 1 second generation by php 7 and 0.5 second generation by HHVM.

Still, I couldn't get HHVM to launch in daemon mode on CentOS and that wasn't going to work for me if I couldn't get it to do that. Plus it was taking up a sizable amount of room, 5 GB compared to just 1 GB for the php 7 install.

I went back to the php 7 install and with some tweaking of settings and resources I got a very nice performance of 0.3 - 0.4 seconds. Definitely a huge improvement over the php top 5.6 times of 1.1 seconds. But I couldn't help thinking about HHVM. Could I get it running faster? Could I get it working?

So I set out an a new adventure and set up a Debian installation and installed HHVM on it. It took up a mere 1 GB of space like the php 7 install, however the performance was far different. It turned in blistering fast speeds for the image generation. This improvement will take our image generation capabilities from ~8.5 million images per day to over 49 million! That is simply quite awesome.

A test image, built 100% by the server from server generated layers combined with hand-drawn shading layers and then manipulated by the server to achieve unique conformation, color, and pattern.


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