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Equine-Ranch: Advanced! Game Time Frame Altered

I got the code figured out to stretch the game months into 48 hour periods and installed it! Yay! That means the changes to the game's time frame go into effect starting today. Today is the first half of month 3078. Tomorrow, instead of advancing to 3079, we will still be on 3078 (the second half).
  • Hired grooms and exercisers will do 15 days each half of the month. (This may/probably will change later.)
  • You will get your days and session time at the start of the 48 hour period to use whenever you wish.
  • Seasons will now change at midnight instead of noon.
  • The foreman will only run when the month changes.
  • For the next 7 days, there will only be events on the first half of the months.
  • When events start happening on both halves of the month, the fees and purses will be halved since you will be getting to enter twice as many.
  • For right now, mares will only foal during the first half of the months.
  • Likewise for now auctions will process during the first 24 hour period of the game month.
After I watch it for a bit I will probably tweak things.

I'm excited for this. It took more work to port it into v4's old code than it would have to straight up write it into a new version, but it wasn't too terribly bad. I was shocked to learn that is there is no way to do it via cron. I mean it makes sense thinking about it, but I was expecting there to be a way to just have it run the script every other day and there simply isn't. I had to come up with a way to programmatically skip days, but that actually worked out ok.

Hopefully now I will be able to play to! Just as soon as my garden's in.


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