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Captain's Log Stardate -270637.962

I am entering hour 29 in the arduous journey of installing HipHop Virtual Machine. HHVM promises speed unimagined, it's Just In Time compilation giving php the performance of those big boys like C and Java. Ok not quite that fast, but really damned fast! It blows the doors off php 5 as if php were standing still and HHVM were a '67 Shelby GT500 Mustang. mmm GT500.

HHVM is shown to perform 18 - 55% faster than php 7 depending on what's being run and how it's designed. Php 7 is a souped up little machine itself. I've been test driving it the last couple days as well. (It's bleeding edge brand new v7.0.1.) So I'm test driving which I'll be using for current and future work. Fezkitt is too out of date to run on 7, and I'm not sure if E-R: V! or VPR can run on it, but since I'm doing so much redesign work on E-R: A!, it can be brought into the twenty-teens. :D

I do love me some speed. :lol:


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