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Equine-Ranch: Advanced! News For You

Custom imports are back online and working. You can now import performance and Dikanodi customs.
Photo albums are back online and working with the new images! While I had to dump all the old albums, the new system is even more awesome. Now when you click the "Add To Album" button (I may change the text on that button to reflect this), it is like taking a photograph of the horse at that exact second and putting it in the album.
Because the images are now "live" and no longer like snapshots in time, your horse can change from day to day (just look at the foals growing) and you can now document this! Isn't that totally rad? :D
In the vein of the images being "live" portrayals of your horses, their coat condition is now reflected in their image.
Watch your horses go from ghastly
to gleaming!
Clean them up and just like any horse...

You'll find them muddy in the morning!


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