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E-R: A! I Got It!


Nikki_SWG in the usergroup ‘Administrators’

I figured out how to get the mongo library I needed working. The last few days I have been doing that and enhancing it a bit. The user information has been moved to mongo. ^.^ Now I have to get the UI tweaked up for something special and a bit of other work done, then it will be time to start testing.

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E-R: A! - Setbacks


Nikki_SWG in the usergroup ‘Administrators’

With the upgrade to php 7 comes the deprecation of the old mongodb driver. The new driver has existed in parallel with it, but nobody bothered to switch their stuff.

The new driver is pretty low level and not that user friendly, so they also released a library that sits on top of it that replaces some of the usability features of the old driver. Which is nice of them. Unfortunately this stuff isn't backwards…

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Minor Update, Major Crash & Burn


Nikki_SWG in the usergroup ‘Administrators’

Automatic updates for minor versions should not be destructive, and yet here we are with four broken games! A minor update to MySQL from 5.6.x to 5.7.x has resulted in completely breaking all our operating games. I've spent almost two weeks on the repairs to E-R: Vintage! to get it operational. Next I will be getting Fezkitt back in action.

I am undecided what to do with VPR. It's code is very old and very hard to work on.

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I Am Duly Impressed


Nikki_SWG in the usergroup ‘Administrators’

As I said in my last entry, I got some pretty nice performance from php 7 and HHVM both on the image generation script. Respectable 0.7 - 1 second generation by php 7 and 0.5 second generation by HHVM.

Still, I couldn't get HHVM to launch in daemon mode on CentOS and that wasn't going to work for me if I couldn't get it to do that. Plus it was taking up a sizable amount of room, 5 GB compared to just 1 GB for the php 7…

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Captain's Log Stardate -270637.962


Nikki_SWG in the usergroup ‘Administrators’

I am entering hour 29 in the arduous journey of installing HipHop Virtual Machine. HHVM promises speed unimagined, it's Just In Time compilation giving php the performance of those big boys like C and Java. Ok not quite that fast, but really damned fast! It blows the doors off php 5 as if php were standing still and HHVM were a '67 Shelby GT500 Mustang. mmm GT500.

HHVM is shown to perform 18 - 55% faster than php 7 depending on what's being run and how it's designed.

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